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Are you suffering from tooth loss? Does your missing tooth stop you from having your favorite food? Dental implants can change things for you. As a form of tooth replacement, dental implants rightly fill the gap created by missing a tooth. The implants which are inserted into the jaw bone with dental crowns fixed over them are very strong and stable. The healthy jaw bone is the only prerequisite for these dental implants. A periodontist who receives special training and education to treat problems related to gums and jaw bone can perform complicated dental implant surgeries perfectly. Serving the people of Sun City and Peoria and Surprise, AZ with quality dental care, West Valley Periodontics has earned a good reputation in the cities. Our dental implant surgeries have delivered strong and long lasting teeth for our patients who are more than delightful for achieving good oral health.

Missing Tooth and Dental Problems

There are a number of dental issues which can be caused when one or few teeth go missing from the oral cavity.

  • Firstly, tooth loss hampers the ability to bite and chew food comfortably.
  • There is a total imbalance in biting forces which tends to push the teeth nearby towards the gap, leading to crookedness in teeth alignment.
  • The jaw bone starts to shrink because of tooth loss which can be very harmful to the patient.

Tooth restoration can help you solve most of these dental problems which pave way for a beautiful and everlasting smile in you.

Who can get dental implants?

Periodontist at our dental office examines the condition of the jaw bone and checks the medical history of patients. Cardiac problems and certain uncontrollable chronic diseases may not be suitable conditions to perform dental implant surgery. Once the periodontist confirms that the surgery can be performed, a treatment plan is set after discussing with patients the complete details of the process.

Dental implant surgery takes place in a number of steps. The first step is the surgery which involves the placement of the implant in the jaw bone. This process requires a local anesthetic and sedation dentistry to ensure that patients are fully comfortable and do not experience pain during the surgery. The implant is left to heal for few weeks after the surgery. This is when the implant forms a bond with the bone tissues which gives it more strength. The dental crown is placed in the final stage. Our dental team guides patients on how to take care of the dental implant which helps them in protecting their teeth. Patients can experience a natural bite with the newly implanted tooth.

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