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Lost tooth cause serious dental problems in a person by taking away the beautiful smile and making it difficult for him/her to have food. Tooth loss has been one of the major problems which have challenged dentistry for many years and continuous to do so even today. With groundbreaking techniques developed in the field of dentistry, dental professionals have been able to combat the problem of tooth loss and come out with some outstanding solutions. Dental implants are among the popular restoration appliances which have finely filled the gap in smiles of millions of Americans in recent times. Designed to replace the root of a tooth, dental implants fuse with the jaw bone and become an inseparable part of your mouth. If you are looking for a permanent solution for tooth loss then our dental implants can help you. Dr. Bohra is specialized in the field of periodontics which has equipped him with great knowledge and extraordinary skills which are required to perform complicated dental implant surgeries and restore teeth for the people of Sun City and Sun City West, AZ. His knowledge in the field of periodontics gives him an upper hand over other dental care professionals.

How do dental implants work?

Dental implants are one of the best ways to replace missing tooth. An implant is an appliance made of metal or ceramic. It is designed to be inserted into the jaw bone where it replaces a tooth root. The dental implant anchors an artificial crown to the jaw bone. The placement of the dental implant into the jaw bone is done through a surgery which requires a local anesthetic to ensure painless treatment. The wonderful aspect of an implanted artificial tooth is that dental implants are capable of integrating with the jaw bone. The implant forms a bond with the bone which ensures higher stability and longer life to the artificial tooth. This factor gives dental implants an edge over all other tooth replacement appliances. With proper care and maintenance of good oral hygiene, you can protect the implanted tooth for your entire life.

Who can get dental implants?

Generally, any person who has healthy jaw bone and is free from few chronic diseases can undergo dental implants surgery. The placement of implant requires the jaw bone to be in certain thickness and height so that the bone can support the appliance. Uncontrolled blood pressure and sugar levels are other problems which may come in the way of getting dental implants.

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