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Dentures Peoria AZ

dentures in peoria azYou will need dentures when all or most of your teeth are missing or are in very bad condition. Dentures can wonderfully fill the gap of lost teeth and rejuvenate your facial appearance. They have been used as teeth replacement appliance for many decades now and continue to be one of the most affordable and widely accepted ways of teeth restoration across the world. Dentures are made of special types of materials which are designed finely to take up the role of natural teeth. We at West Valley Periodontics have been associated with the people of Surprise, Sun City West and Peoria, AZ and have successfully spread wonderful smiles across the cities. Our dentures continue to work wonderfully for many of our patients and promote good health and carefree lifestyle in them.

How do dentures work?

Dentures basically are set of teeth which replicate the natural teeth of a person. Dentures are prepared after taking measurements and impressions of dental arches of patients. They are designed to perfectly fit in the mouth. Patients are informed about cautions which should be taken during the first few months when living with dentures. They should follow a diet and restricted some food as per the advise our periodontist. Dentures aid in biting and chewing food. They maintain the facial structure by supporting the lips and chin and make a person look younger and more beautiful.

Taking Care of Dentures

Since dentures are removable artificial teeth restoration, care must be taken to see that the oral hygiene is maintained and gums are protected from diseases. Dentures can be cleaned in a bowl by brushing and soaking them in water. The gums too should be brushed softly so that any food particles that remain on them are removed. Dentures can break when they fall down. Patients should take care to see that they are safe when they are removed for cleaning. The more patients are careful and protective about their dentures the more years the dentures last.

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