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Gum Disease Sun City West AZ

gum disease treatmentGums are the soft tissues of your mouth which seal your teeth from a dental infection. They play a crucial role in dental health and esthetics of your smile. There can be serious oral problems in you when this protective layer is infected by bacteria. The infection is termed as gum diseases. Periodontists are dental professionals who dedicate time for the treatment of gums and other supportive structure of the teeth. Our West Valley Periodontics has been treating gum problems for many years now. Dr. Aziz Bohra is a periodontist who has completed education in the field of periodontics and has received specialized training for the treatment of gum diseases. We have helped many of our patients in Surprise, Peoria and Sun City West localities in curing their gum infection and ensuring that the disease does not reoccur.

Types of Gum Diseases

There are basically two types of gum disease. They are termed as gingivitis and periodontitis. Gum infection occurs in a person when plaque builds up on the surface of teeth and starts to inflame the soft tissues. Plaque is a biofilm which contains harmful bacteria. These bacteria inflame the gums and start to destroy them. This stage of gum disease is called the gingivitis.

Periodontitis is the advanced stage of gingivitis where the plaque buildup starts to separate the gums from the teeth. There are pockets formed in the gums which collect food particles and aggravate the condition. The bone tissues and gums are destroyed and the teeth start to fall off because of periodontitis.

Gum disease - Causes and Treatment

There may be several causes for gum diseases. Oral hygiene is one of the prime factors which can protect people from developing gum diseases. People should be informed about how to brush and floss correctly. This can prevent a number of dental problems in them. Apart from the hygiene factor, other factors like changes in hormones in women, smoking or chewing tobacco, teeth grinding and use of certain medicines can be linked with gum diseases.

The treatment of gum diseases depends on the severity of the infection. Scaling and root planing, laser gum surgery and professional dental cleaning are some of the procedures used from periodontists to cure gum diseases and make sure that it does not reoccur.

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