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When you lose all or most of your teeth, you may need teeth restoration to support biting and chewing functions and maintain good oral health. For several decades dentures have been used as biting aid by people who have lost teeth. The conventional denture is supported by gums. It is bonded over the gums using adhesives. This technique is known to cause inconvenience since the restoration is less stable. The introduction of implant-retained dentures changed the way how teeth are replaced. Through this technique, dentures are fixed over dental implants in order to provide the restoration higher stability. At West Valley Periodontics, we perform dental implant surgeries to bring healthy smiles in our patients. People from Surprise, Sun City West, Avondale, Peoria and surrounding communities visit our office for dental care. We take pride in stating that our restorations have improved the quality of life of many of our patients.

Implant-retained dentures – How are they different?

Dentures are dental prostheses made of acrylic and porcelain materials. The teeth that replace lost teeth are made of porcelain and the artificial gum is made of acrylic. They are designed to fit over the gums accurately. The only difference with implant-retained denture is that the restoration is supported by dental implants. Two or more dental implants are inserted into the supporting bone strategically. A ball head or bar is attached to the implants over which the denture can be fixed. The denture can be removed when cleaning. The most important benefits of these restorations are,

  • They are highly stable since they are supported by dental implants
  • They make biting and chewing food more convenient
  • They provide better support to facial muscles
  • Patient is confident about his/her smile

Implant-retained denture restoration procedure

The first and foremost step to be taken before the restoration process is to check the status of supporting bone and oral health. The bone should have enough volume to support the restoration. We take X-rays to know the status of the jawbone of the patient. On confirmation that the bone is healthy enough, a treatment plan is set and explained to patient.

The first phase involves insertion of a dental implant in the supporting bone. This surgery is performed with the aid of local anesthesia. About 2-4 implants are placed in each dental arch in the planned positions. After the surgery, the implant is left to heal. An acrylic temporary of the denture is prepared at our office. This denture is fixed in place such that the implants do not take the load.

The second phase involves preparation of final denture and fixing it in place. This phase is scheduled few months after the first phase. A ball head or bar head is fixed over the implants. Impressions of gums are taken and sent to a lab for preparation of final denture. Our periodontist checks for a fit of the final denture before fixing them in place. We guide patients on how to take care of the restoration to ensure proper maintenance of oral hygiene.

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