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Advanced technology plays an important role in dental treatment. The introduction of the laser is one such development that has changed the course of periodontal treatment. As a tool of periodontists, a laser has been highly efficient in few areas of gum care. Laser gum surgery has effectively worked in curing gum problems and reshaping gums to enhance the smile. At West Valley Periodontics we make the best use of laser technology to win healthy smiles for our patients. Our painless gum surgeries have effectively prevented gum problems and improved oral health of patients who visit us from Goodyear, Surprise and surrounding communities.

What is gum disease and how is it treated?

Gums form an important part of the periodontium. The soft tissues cover the roots of teeth and protect it from bacterial invasion. Maintenance of oral hygiene and periodic dental visits can ensure that gums and teeth are protected from bacterial invasion.

Plaque is a biofilm of bacteria that is formed over teeth surface. It hardens over teeth surface if not removed from time-to-time. When the bacteria in plaque come in contact with soft gum tissues there is inflammation and infection. If left untreated the gums detach from teeth surface and the infection can pose serious threat to roots of teeth.

At West Valley Periodontics, we make the best use of latest dental technology to treat dental problems. Dr. Bohra has several years of experience in treating periodontal problems. We have some advanced equipment like perioscope and laser treatment technology. Perioscope enables us to know the status of gum tissues. The tool is designed to get into very small gum pockets and check the status of gums. Through a use of correct wavelength laser, the infected tissues can be killed. A vibrating tool is used to remove tarter from within gum pockets. The gum pockets are sanitized using anti-bacterial agents to kill remaining bacteria. The laser technology enables quicker healing and there is less or no pain. After painless gum surgery, post-operative measures are recommended to patients to ensure that the infection does not come back.

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