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Gums act as a protective layer of the roots of your teeth. Gums seal the teeth roots from food debris and bacteria. Proper maintenance of oral hygiene and periodic dental visits can protect gum tissues from bacterial inflammation. When either of these is neglected, gum diseases can develop and pose a serious threat to oral health. Dr. Bohra performs laser gum surgery to cure the infection and ensure protection. It is a painless gum surgery performed at our dental offices in Surprise and Avondale. Patients visit us from Sun City West, Peoria, Surprise and surrounding communities to get treatment to their oral health problems. Our quality dental care has improved the oral health of our patients and brought more healthy smiles in Surprise and surrounding communities.

Gum problems – How it starts and what it turns out to be?

Plaque is a biofilm of bacteria that is formed over teeth surface. If not removed from time-to-time, plaque can harden to form tarter which collects around the gums. Bacteria in plaque can inflame gums and lead to infection. This is the beginning stage of the gum disease called gingivitis. If not treated in time, the bacteria can break open the seal between teeth and gums to form gum pockets. The infection can further spread deep towards the root of the teeth. This stage is called periodontitis.

Periodontitis can cause a serious threat to oral health and overall health. It can lead to loosening of teeth which may result in tooth loss. The bacteria can spread through the bloodstream and cause serious health problems. Gum diseases are linked with heart problems and diabetes as well.

Good reasons to choose laser gum surgery

We make use of advanced laser technology for gum disease treatment. The idea is to use a sophisticated tool that causes less pain, minimum to no bleeding and is effective in clearing bacteria and infected tissues. A wavelength that is safe and effective in killing infected tissues and bacteria is used during the course. The laser can easily pass through the gum pockets and cure the infection. Once the diseased tissues are cleared, a vibrating dental tool is used to remove tartar from the pockets. Finally, an anti-bacterial agent is used to clear off the remaining bacteria. On completion of treatment, our team guides patients on how to care for the gums and recommends periodic post-operative check-up to ensure that infection is under control.

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