Have you lost all or most of your teeth? Are you finding it difficult to chew food or smile? Do not be disheartened. There are some wonderful solutions in prosthodontics that can help you regain a healthy smile. Conventional dentures are a thing of past in the field of dentistry since they are very inconvenient to wear and do not aid in biting and chewing functions. Our periodontists recommend implant-retained dentures as opposed to normal dentures due to their benefits and functionality. We have restored lost teeth in many patients who are now proud of their healthy smiles. Do you have a missing tooth/teeth? Make an appointment and visit our office today. We can help you regain your confidence!

Implant-retained dentures – How are they different?

Conventional dentures are supported by gum tissues. An adhesive or a bonding agent is used to keep the denture in place. Implant-retained dentures are supported by dental implants. Just like conventional dentures, they have a replica of gum tissues made of acrylic and artificial teeth made of porcelain. The placement of dental implants are carefully planned. The restoration can be supported by dental implants. Different types of attachment mechanisms can be used to attach dentures to dental implants. Implant-retained dentures have the following desirable qualities:

  • Comfortable to wear
  • Highly stable
  • No adhesives required
  • Gives more confidence to smile

Implant-retained dentures – Restoration process

Restoration using implant-retained dentures may require several dental visits. Our periodontists initially check your overall oral health and and evaluate the condition of the supporting bone. It is important to have sufficient supporting bone in the areas where the implant will be placed.

The first stage of dental implantation is placement. We use local anesthesia to surgically place the dental implants in the supporting bone. Once in place, one of our dental professionals will suture the gums and leave the implants to heal. Temporary dentures, which are designed in a manner to not put a load on the implants, are provided. The implants take few months to heal. After the implants heal, they are covered with abutments.

The second stage depends on the design of the implant-retained dentures. Ball-retained or bar-retained dentures can be used. Based on the position of the implants, the attachment is designed and put in place. We will then check to make sure the dentures fit properly. On confirmation of fit, the removable dentures are attached in place. It is important to visit our dental office periodically to check if there are any changes in the fit.

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