Gums form a major portion of the periodontium. The soft tissues seal the bacteria and food debris from coming in contact with teeth roots. When bacteria from tarter come in contact with the gum tissues, there can be irritation and infection caused to the soft tissues. If left untreated, the bacteria can create gum pockets and proceed towards the root of the teeth. Periodontal treatment may be necessary for such conditions to take care of the infection. As a provider of periodontal care and general dental care, our aim is to prevent gum diseases and create healthy smiles in the valley of the sun and surrounding communities. Meet our periodontist Dr. Bohra to know how gum problems can be treated.

Painless treatment for gum problems

At our dental office, patient comfort comes first to us. We aim to use the best technologies available to ensure that treatment is effective and there is little to no discomfort caused to patients. Our painless gum surgery is one of our wonderful treatments for patients who are suffering from gum diseases. The treatment involves a use of high-end laser technology to the clear infection from the gum pockets. Conventional gum surgery is known to cause some pain and discomfort after the treatment. With the use of lasers as a tool to treat the infection, the discomfort is minimized to a great extent without compromising on effectiveness of treatment.

How is painless gum surgery performed?

Our office is equipped with high-end laser technology and PerioView Dental Endoscope that help us provide better dental care. A particular wavelength of a laser is chosen by our experienced periodontist for safe and effective treatment. The infected tissues in the gum pockets are killed with the help of the laser. The technology is so advanced that it does not harm the healthy tissues. Once the pockets are clear from infected tissues, the tarter is removed with the help of a vibrating dental tool. PerioView Dental Endoscope helps our periodontist inspect under the gum-line. The treatment is painless and there is no bleeding during the course. Once the treatment is complete Dr. Bohra explains to patients how to take care of the oral cavity. With proper care and post-treatment visits, patients can keep their gums healthy and carry a wonderful smile.

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