PerioView Dental Endoscope is a procedure that allows us to diagnose and treat under the gumline by using a miniature dental scope (tiny camera) with advanced video, lighting and magnification. The camera is gently placed below the gemlike with the aid of a tiny fiber optic where the camera is attached to. Allowing us to see a 20-40X magnification. This modern technology allows us to see tooth root anatomy, including calculus “tartar” that may be attached to the root structure, that before the advent of this technology might had been easily missed. The images are displayed immediately on the video screen for the doctor and hygienist to verify the health and condition of the root.

PerioView Dental Endoscope is used in conjunction with laser periodontal surgery. Laser (LANAP) periodontal surgery is a technique which requires on cutting, no stitches, where the doctor or hygienist cleans out the root surface with ultrasonic technique and disinfect the periodontal pocket. The doctor uses the laser to remove harmful bacteria and diseased tissue. Without damaging the tooth structure or surrounding tissues. By allowing the attachment of healthy gum and bone by allowing the body to heal naturally, there is less post-op discomfort.

“No cutting or stitching.”

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