You may be wondering what a periodontist refers to in dentistry? Well, a periodontist is a dental practitioner who is specialized in a particular field. Periodontists involve themselves in timely treatment and prevention of gum-related diseases that affect the tissues. Even though all dentists under go and receive sufficient training in diagnosing the treatment which may vary from mild to moderate periodontal disease, periodontists will acquire special skills and additional training in their respective fields. West Valley Periodontics has some expert periodontists who are true professionals in their own fields.

Duties of a Periodontists:

A periodontist has many duties and responsibilities to perform at their dental practice. A periodontist will undertake surgical as well as non-surgical treatments based on the requirements. They are well aware and capable of performing cosmetic surgeries or oral plastic surgeries. Periodontists can make over your smile and appearance and can give you a new aesthetic look. Periodontists are specialized in deep cleaning and root planing. They also perform dental implants which requires the perfect skill and knowledge. Besides a periodontists also conduct regeneration, bone grafting, tissue stimulation, gingival sculpting also known as crown lengthening, soft tissue grafting and ridge augmentation.

When to visit a periodontist?

If you come across any symptoms of gum related diseases, its time to visit a periodontist as they are the right person who examine your teeth, gums and take an appropriate decision like what treatment to be undertaken.

How to choose a periodontist?

It is very important to choose a good periodontist for all your gum related diseases. Certain factors that are to be considered while choosing a periodontist include:

  • The number of years a periodontist is in practice.
  • Ask your periodontist about the proposed treatment plans and the cost.
  • Has the periodontist received sufficient training in their respective fields.
  • What medication and pain relief measures one can expect from periodontist.
  • Is the periodontist well equipped with the latest technology?
  • Does your periodontist accept dental insurance.
  • Does your periodontist have an emergency care unit?

Our periodontists based at West Valley Periodontics have several years of experience. Since our periodontists are concerned about your gums and teeth, we give the best treatment and care. Our periodontists explain in detail the treatment procedures, costs, pros and cons and the recovery period. Since other dental practices focus more on diagnosing the disease with a surgery, we at West Valley Periodontics prefer a more conservative non-surgical procedure. That is the reason we are different from the rest and have more people visiting us for availing our best dental treatments in and around the city of Surprise.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today at (623) 935-0004 (Avondale) or (623) 935-0004 (Surprise).